Site Design

The HTML Writers Guild
Good website design is the co-ordination of functions to produce the desired results. It is architecture, navigation, look and feel, and it is very practical. Our team of designers and builders combines talents to produce exceptional websites. NevadaWeb is a member of The HTML Writers Guild.

Costs depend upon features and functions.

Site Hosting

NevadaWeb maintains multiple servers in four locations. We are presently consolidating two of these to a downtown Reno location where many northern Nevada network providers are located.

Currently our network consists of 3 Unix servers and one NT server. The Unix servers are used for mail, web hosting, and run under Apache with multiple T-1 connections. The NT Commerce Server is used for database development and applications and has Front Page Extensions, Active Server page for DHTML, and SMX.


Domain name (your with 10 megs of storage

Non-domain (
$15/mo. 1-page starter site

$25/mo. 2-24-page intermediate site

$35+/mo. 25+ page advanced site

Additional storage: $10 per 10 megs/mo.; Additional domain names: $20/mo.; ftp access: $5/mo.

These services are free but require a set up charge:
Statistics on your site, daily hit report, graphic Wusage reports online, cgi bin for programs.
Reseller programs available, e-mail for details.

Site Management
A good website is like a living organism. It thrives on attention and withers away without it. We are your website management team, taking care of the day-to-day operation of your site and keeping it current for your visitors.

Database Marketing
By harnessing this powerful aspect of the internet, you can maintain contact with your existing customer base and reach out to targeted markets for new business. We design, build and manage productive e-marketing systems for clients in a wide range of markets.

Software Development
We have developed a library of programs — counters, guestbooks, search engines, for example. we create custom software as well. Fees include a one time set-up fee and a monthly system utilization charge.

What's your need?

E-Mail Services
We do not provide dial-up access, but we offer all e-mail management services, including address maintenance and e-mail forwarding ($10.00 set up per address and $2.00 per month, including 5 megs of storage).

Online Commerce
We offer a secure server for credit card transactions and our shopping cart software can be adapted for your use. Catalog sales, travel reservations, membership dues, we can facilitate any transaction you require.

Market Research
Through our associated firm, Cobbey and Associates, we conduct surveys, opinion polls, information gathering of every kind, both on- and off-line.

Usability Testing
Our experience includes usability testing of website architecture for major corporate sites, ensuring easy navigation and efficient accomplishment of the desired results.

We use RealPlayer for audio and video. Files are produced with short turnaround time.

Do you need an application you don't see here? We have a group of programmers well versed in the platforms and script languages to meet your needs.