Services and Charges

We'll publish your pictures and your thoughts at a private address for 6 months.

We will provide, if you wish and free of charge, a listing on the Commemorations directory.

You can email and/or snailmail your photographs and thoughts.

Pictures must be no larger than 8" by 10" and clearly labeled. If you want them returned, please include an addressed and stamped envelope.
Discounts for scans emailed to us! Images may be emailed to preferably in jpeg or gif format, but we accept tif, iff, or psd formats as well.

Thoughts can be sent email or snail mail to:

The NevadaWeb, 1616 Madrone Ave., Healdsburg, CA 95448.

Make sure it's legible and coherent. We cannot be held responsible for errors due to illegibility or misspelling.

Thoughts should follow these parameters:

  1. Title: To go at the top of the page; it may just be a person's name, or a greeting. Can be up to 60 characters, 2 lines of text.
  2. Captions: can be up to 25 words and will be placed under a photograph.
  3. Narrative: can be up to 75 words and will be placed with a
    photograph, Depending on layout, it might be along side, below or flow around a photo.


Calculating your cost:

$25 for set up, private address, 6 months publication, and if you wish, a complimentary listing on Commemorations' directory.

Sending us your materials via snailmail:
$25 first photo scanned
$20 subsequent photos scanned
$20 for enlargements of a single photo
$15 first caption (up to 25 words)
$10 sequent captions (up to 25 words)
$25 narrative (up to 75 words)
$20 additional narratives (up to 75 words)

Save when you email:
Assuming files don't need editing:
$10 first image
$5 additional image
$15 for an enlargement of a single image
$10 first caption (up to 25 words)
$5 additional captions (up to 25 words)
$15 first narrative (up to 75 words)
$10 additional narratives (up to 75 words)

(If the images require editing, the snailmail prices apply.)

Guestbooks are also available. Responses can be sent to your email address, or we'll post publish it with your pages for visitors to share. (Space and bandwidth limitations may apply.)

$25 Email Guestbook
$50 Post and Publish Guestbook

Audio and Video available. Inquire directly if interested to: